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Southam Inc., created in 1904 by William Southam, owner of the Hamilton Spectator and Ottawa Citizen, began purchasing newspapers across the country, …The first privately owned daily newspaper was the Severnaia Pchela (Northern Bee), edited with government approval by ... "Broadcasting Bolshevik: The radio voice of Soviet culture, 1920s-1950s." Journal of Contemporary History 48#1 (2013): 78-97. Remington, Thomas. "The mass media and public communication in the USSR." Journal of Politics ...Search Kansas historical newspaper archives online. Try free for 7 days and find 5,047 papers and 7,219,246 pages on Research historical KS newspaper …A charismatic politician, Huey Long became governor — some would say dictator — of Louisiana in the late 1920s and would eventually run for president during the 1936 election cycle. Long owned newspapers and used radio to build support for his populist viewpoints. Huey Long seemed to thrive on controversy, and his progressive ideas proved ...Many newspapers in the 1920s broke away from the traditional newspapers they grew up with prior to this time. "Jazz journalism" became prevelant in news reporting and dominated the industry. "The press was often preoccupied with entertainment, rather than concentratring on reporting significant stories or interpreting news events" (library ...Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub. A searchable website of Minnesota newspapers. Contains geographically and culturally diverse papers from 1856 to 1924. Historical Minneapolis Tribune. Search or browse in the 1867-2001 issues of the Minneapolis Tribune. This database is only available in the library. Library Catalog-Newspapers.History. Due to Texas's frontier nature, business uncertainties, and the volatility of the political situation with Spain and Mexico, no newspapers survived long in Texas up to the time of the Texas revolt against Mexico. Nine publishers printed newspapers between 1819 and 1836, but only the Telegraph and Texas Register was still in publication ...History. Due to Texas's frontier nature, business uncertainties, and the volatility of the political situation with Spain and Mexico, no newspapers survived long in Texas up to the time of the Texas revolt against Mexico. Nine publishers printed newspapers between 1819 and 1836, but only the Telegraph and Texas Register was still in publication ...There are many newspapers published in New South Wales, serving both the capital, Sydney, and the regions.Some newspapers are defunct; some have been renamed; some have been amalgamated. The two main Sydney newspapers are The Sydney Morning Herald, which was founded in 1831, and The Daily Telegraph, founded in 1879.. Newcastle. Newcastle Weekly (2015- )London newsboy Ned Parfett with news of the Titanic disaster, as reported on Tuesday, April 16. A paperboy is someone - often an older child or adolescent - who distributes printed newspapers to homes or offices on a regular route, usually by bicycle or automobile.In Western nations during the heyday of print newspapers during the early 20th century, this was often a young person's first ...Description. Documenting White Supremacy and Its Opponents in the 1920s is a collection of digitized historical newspapers promoting and opposing white supremacy, published mainly in the 1920s. It brings together local, regional, and national newspapers published by Ku Klux Klan organizations and by sympathetic publishers from across the U.S.Vintage photos show what it was like to visit Egypt 100 years ago. Tourists ride camels in the 1920s. Egypt has been a tourist destination for hundreds of years. But once the Suez …The Historical Newspapers of South Carolina repository provides online access to fulltext searchable historic newspapers originating in South Carolina since it became a state in 1788. The online collection is a continuation and extension of the South Carolina Digital Newspaper Program (SCDNP) that began in 2009 as part of the National Digital Newspaper Program.From the mid-1920s, Germany, at first, experimented with the combination of two old ideas. Old was the direct publication of photos; that was available after about 1890, and by the early 20th century, some publications, newspaper-style and magazine, were devoted primarily to illustrations.Detroit's amateur operation 8MK (which debuted on August 20, 1920) soon became WWJ, the first station to be owned by a newspaper (The Detroit News). Initially seen as simply another press-supported community service, a radio station became a means of hedging bets in case the new medium proved competitive with newspapers.Truth in Publishing: Federal Regulation of the Press’ Business Practices, 1880-1920. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1993. Leab, Daniel J. A Union of Individuals: The Formation of the American Newspaper Guild, 1933-1936. New York: Columbia University Press, 1970.DDR-Presse. Archived collections of East German newspapers provided by the Berlin Staatsbibliothek. Consists of the Berliner Zeitung, Neue Zeit, and Neues Deutschland publications. An account is required to view the archives, but it doesn't cost anything to make an account. Google login also available.Find Articles over 1821-2003 Years in St Louis, Missouri. Newspaper Archive is constantly seeking out more historical newspapers to expand our archive. There are 14 publishers in St Louis Missouri dating back to 1821, so there's a good chance you'll find some treasures. The Newspaper Archive team is constantly seeking out more historical ...OCLC 30488924, 15621855. Published by Silas W. Henry, it ceased publication upon his death. [8] Albuquerque. The Southwestern Plaindealer. 1924 [10] 1920s [10] Weekly [10] LCCN sn95070601.Transcript. This video on Antebellum American newspapers will introduce you to those newspapers that were published in the country. Although the big metropolitan dailies were tremendously influential, 1 fewer than 20% of Americans lived in urbanized areas during this period. 2 These statistics actually overstate the size of the urban population, since the …Oct 18, 2023 · in NYS Historic Newspapers (freely available) New-York Evening Post (1801-1832) Evening Post (1832-1920) New York Evening Post (1920-1927) New York Post in Factiva (only at SNFL) September 15, 1997 to current full text, not page images . New York Post (December 13, 2005 to date) in PressReader > deleted from PressReader January 1, 2023. Indexed in: About Chronicling America. Chronicling America is a searchable digital collection of historic newspaper pages from 1770-1963 sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.. Read more about it! Follow @ChronAmLOC External and subscribe to email alerts and RSS feeds.. Also, see the Directory of U.S. Newspapers in American Libraries, a searchable index ...v. t. e. This is a list of newspapers in Italy. The number of daily print newspapers in Italy was 107 in 1950, whereas it was 78 in 1965. [1] It has further declined since and 74 are listed in this article: 21 countrywide newspapers (including some "opinion" or "political" newspapers with very limited circulation, that are available only in ...Kansas City Journal Ceramic pipe manufacturer turned politician Walter Dicky bought the Democratic Journal in 1921. He combined the paper with the Kansas City Post in 1922 to compete with the Kansas City Star. The Call The weekly African-American newspaper founded in 1919 by Chester A. Franklin was GOP-aligned and addressed civil rights issues in… Continue reading Eight newspapers that ...The 1920s were marked by frenetic celebration, amazing stock market returns — and, ultimately, one of the worst crashes and most devastating depressions in modern history. A century is a long ...Martin Scorsese ’s film, Killers of the Flower Moon, is based on a non-fiction book by David Grann that investigates the murders of dozens of Osage people in …Newspapers have been an integral part of people’s lives for nearly 400 years. From the initial handwritten notes, to the advent of the printing press, print media has come a long way. The history of written news dates back to the Roman empire around 59BC. Back then, Rome was the center of the western world and was the hub of …Re: Obituaries in newspapers in 1920s. « Reply #3 on: March 10, 2010, 02:25:45 PM ». In my experience, death notices were common enough for working/lower middle-class families in Belfast throughout the 1920s/30s. I've found lots of death notices for Belfast ancestors from all walks of life in old Belfast newspapers.A guide to historical and current newspapers and news sources, covering the 17th to 21st centuries. Includes searching tips, outline common problems and lists key resources available to Oxford scholars. Details of useful newspapers, incl. online onesWhat were two ways that the car changed the daily lives of Canadians in the 1920s. Created mobility on a scale never seen before. Freed people from living near railways or stations. People could live anywhere in an urban area as long as there were roads. Farmers could easily ship products by truck or car. 7 min. In New York City in 1920 — nearly two years into a deadly influenza pandemic that would claim at least 50 million lives worldwide — the new year began on a bright note. "Best Health ...Newspaper New-York tribune (New York [N.Y.]), September 17, 1920 Combined New York morning newspapers / Combined New York Sunday newspapers / New-York daily tribune. Back to Search Results About this Newspaper. Issues. Previous Issue Next Issue. All Issues . View 20 images in sequence. ... Newspaper AN256 .N488 Library of Congress Control ...The Radiola premiered in 1922 and sold for a hefty $75, a price that, with a little financial discipline, every American middle class citizen could afford. The first year, American Marconi, now known as RCA, brought in sales of $11 million, and by the mid 1920s sales crept up to a whopping $60 million. The demand for entertainment radio was ...In 1920, Warren G. Harding, a senator and Ohio newspaper publisher, won a long-shot bid for the White House with the financial backing of oilmen who were promised oil-friendly cabinet picks in return.The largest online newspaper archive. Used by millions every month for historical research, family history, crime investigations, journalism, and more.Figure 24.2. In the 1920s, prosperity manifested itself in many forms, most notably in advancements in entertainment and technology that led to new patterns of leisure and consumption. Movies and sports became increasingly popular and buying on credit or "carrying" the debt allowed for the sale of more consumer goods and put automobiles ...The Press Expanded in the 1800s and Grew Into a Potent Force in Society. The history of the newspaper in America begins in 1619, at roughly the same time as the tradition began in England, and a few decades after the notion of a publicly distributed summary of news began in the Netherlands and Germany. In England, "The Weekly …Explore 2337 newspaper titles on the British Newspaper Archive, over 200 years of history, local and international news stories, plus hundreds thousands of digitised articles ... 1891-1920,1925,1932,1938,1940-1942,1948,1950,1956,1974,1986-2009: Irish News and Belfast Morning News. 45518 pages . 1892-1895,1897-1911: Irish Post. 1250 pages BL ...By 1920 the number of child laborers was nearly half of what it had been in 1910. ... In the early 20th century, newsboys were essential to newspaper distribution as afternoon editions, which were ...The Role Of Television In The 1920's. People today spend up to 319.2 minutes on television everyday! The television has dramatically changed since its invention in the 1920's, the first commercials were aired in 1940, and the television has played a pivotal role in human society. In the earlier years, the television was characterized by their ...The technology behind television emerged in the 1920s, and the first commercial TV broadcast made in July 1941 in New York. Like radio, television was quickly adopted as a medium for journalism, with today many networks around the world devoted entirely to television journalism including CNN, BBC, and al Jazeera.Digitised Australian newspapers including the first newspaper published in Australia, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, are freely available through Trove. Overseas newspapers—we have the largest collection of overseas newspapers in Australia. Our newspaper collections from Asia and the Pacific region are particularly …Farmer's Journal. Montreal Gazette. Grande Ligne Evangelical Register. Montreal Herald. Journal d'Agriculture. Journal de l'Instruction Publique. Journal of Education C.E.;Juvenile Presbyterian. La Minerve. La Patrie.These innovations led to the daily newspaper, which united the urbanized, industrialized populations of the 19th century. In the 20th century, radio allowed advertisers to reach a mass audience and helped spur the consumerism of the 1920s—and the Great Depression of the 1930s.There is an important wrinkle in the history of phototelegraphy that emerged in Japan in the 1920s, driven by a single news story, that gave that country its own distinct take on the rise of photographic distribution. When Emperor Showa—also known as Hirohito, a pivotal and controversial figure in Japanese history—was brought to the …By the mid-1920s he had a nationwide string of 28 newspapers, among them the Los Angeles Examiner, the Boston American, the Chicago Examiner, the Detroit Times, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Washington Times and Washington Herald and his flagship the San Francisco Examiner.Title coverage information for all Newspaper and Gazette title in Trove. ... 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020; National: Air Force News (National : 1941) digitised: Air Force News (National : 1997 - 2020) digitised: Army (National : 1980 - 2021) digitised:In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money. This week, we're hearing from authors whose works have been adapted to the …5. USE THEIR LAW DEGREES TO THE FULLEST. Woman sitting at a typewriter. / Topical Press Agency/Getty Images. Winning the right to vote opened the door to more than just political action for women ...These maps locate 380 newspapers affiliated with the Socialist Party between 1900 and 1920 providing detail about editors, circulation, and about the towns and cities where they were published. Switch between six visualizations. Sources are explained below. The maps are hosted by Tableau Public and may take a few seconds to respond. If slow ...Chicago circulation wars. The Chicago circulation wars were a period of competition between William Randolph Hearst 's Chicago Evening American and both Robert R. McCormick 's Chicago Tribune and Victor Lawson 's Chicago Daily News in the early 1900s that devolved into violence and resulted in more than 20 deaths. [1]Newspapers in the 1920s had an important communication role in the struggle to separate dietary fact from fiction and this study examines how they represented ideas to their readers. Rather than giving a voice to ‘fad diets’, press …History of Canadian newspapers. There were five important periods in the history of Canadian newspapers' responsible for the eventual development of the modern …the 1920s sports: topics in the news is major league baseball an illegal monopoly? baseball: from the black sox scandal to the babe the new york yankees the negro leagues also provide exciting play basketball boxing: a decade of stars college football's glory days professional football gets off the ground football's famous papa bear golf's widening appeal horseracing's hero: man o' war the ...Newspaper. The Daily Herald (Spartanburg, S.C.) 1890-1982. Sunday ed., published jointly with the Spartanburg journal and Carolina spartan, 1931-1982, called: Sunday Spartanburg herald-journal / Spartanburg daily herald / Sunday Spartanburg herald-journal. About this Newspaper.In the age of digital media and instant news updates, it may seem like newspaper delivery subscriptions have become a thing of the past. However, there are several reasons why these subscriptions are still relevant today. Upping The Fine-Dining Game In Bali. Nic VanderbeeTrends in journalism. The shift from print-based journalism to elect New tabloid newspapers launched after the war, like the New York Daily News, Colgate Toothpaste Ad - 1924 ... Seeking to build repeat business and brand loyalty, by the 1920s the company emphasized it as a refreshment and a "fun food". Consumers demanding the cola at soda fountains could pressure storeowners to stock it, or risk losing their ... At GenealogyBank, we have access more than 13,000 local a Tennessee Newspaper Extracts and Abstracts. Knoxville, Tennessee: Clinchdale Press, 1995-. FS Library book 976.885/K1 B38c v. 1-2 This is a work in progress. Two volumes have been published covering the years 1816-1839. ... [Website expands upon the publications and includes deaths from the 1830s, 1840s, 1910s and 1920s.] Indexes [edit ... Truth in Publishing: Federal Regulation of the Press’ Bu...

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The roots of media bias go back to the nineteenth century, and complaints about bias in part reflect a questionable...


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Digitised Australian newspapers including the first newspaper published in Australia, the ...


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Non-cooperation movement in 1920, anti-CAA protests in 2020. Puffed-sleeve blouses, forever. Here's how life in 20...


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Nov 22, 1999 · 1948-1952. Chicago Daily News. Chicago Daily Times (to January 31, 1948) Chicago De...


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13 April 2017. 6. [Fig.1] The Goerz-Anschutz Camera. Probably the first camera to be adopted by Press Photographers. In the ea...

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